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Some Kind of Trouble is the upcoming, third studio album from English singer-songwriter and soft rock musician James Blunt. The album will be released on November 8, 2010, in the United Kingdom.[1] The album's lead single, "Stay the Night", was released on October 25, 2010.[2] The album was recorded in Blunt's private recording studio in Los Angeles.[3] The album will be available in two editions - a standard, general edition, and a deluxe edition, exclusive to, which features an exclusive slipcase and Blunt's autograph on the cover.[4] Blunt will begin promoting the album with a new tour, due to start in 2011.[5]

[edit] Background

In an interview with Contact Music, Blunt said of the album: "After the last tour, I tried writing at the piano, but I found I was repeating myself, writing sad songs about poor old me. I needed to get away from music for a while. My new songs are more optimistic. One thing I did learn is that your artistic credibility goes out the window when you have a record that big. 'You're Beautiful' meant something to me, but to most people, it's a song they sing when they're drunk."[6]
[edit] Tracklisting[7]

  1. "Stay the Night"
  2. "Dangerous"
  3. "Best Laid Plans"
  4. "So Far Gone"
  5. "No Tears"
  6. "Superstar"
  7. "These Are the Words"
  8. "Calling Out Your Name"
  9. "Heart of Gold"
  10. "I'll Be Your Man"
  11. "If Time Is All I Have"
  12. "Turn Me On"
  13. "There She Goes Again" (Amazon Exclusive Digital Download Only Track)[8][9]
Studio album by James Blunt Released November 8, 2010 Recorded January-August 2010 Genre Soft rock, pop rock, folk rock Length 46:04 Label Atlantic, Custard Producer Tom Rothrock, Linda Perry James Blunt chronology All the Lost Souls
(2007) Some Kind of Trouble

Singles from Some Kind of Trouble
  1. "Stay the Night"
    Released: October 25, 2010